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Friday, July 12, 2013


I went to my Normal Fri meeting and weight in, this week has been very different. I really tried my hardest to stay on plan, watched what I ate, got my running in and changed things up by hitting 4 weight watcher meetings this week.

When I got to my meeting, I all of a sudden got super nerves. I started to shake, and couldn't seem to calm my self down. After standing in line it was my turn to WI. I got ready, held my breath and stepped on......

DOWN 6.2 LBS BABY!!!!!

Yep all my hard work paid off in the form of a HUGE loss in one week!

I am so pumped, and even more excited cause now I am 1.8 lbs from my 85lb mark and 2lbs from being out of the 170's and 25lbs from my GOAL weight!!!!

I feel so on top of it, and I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I have been on my best food wise, and I even did a nice yoga workout, I have dance tonight and I plan and dancing with all 3 of my classes to earn some good AP's.

I am hitting all my mini goals next week, 85lb and out of the 170's!! I WILL DO THIS!!!!!

Starting weight: 255
Current weight: 171.8
Goal weight: 145

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